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How Universities Use Outfit

Why should organisations use Outfit?

Why Universities Use Outfit?


Instant creative production and distribution

Render assets in seconds and share the final creative with a simple click. Dynamic customisation capabilities and automatic resizing eliminate the need to manually version creative, significantly lowering production costs.



Save on production costs

Repurpose creative assets to different media and formats with responsive templates, and eliminate repetitive tasks from creative production process. Duplicate and edit several creatives with one single input thanks to Outfit’s unique technology capabilities. The bill of materials is astoundingly comprehensive - from print flyers to business cards; web ads to event websites; even large-scale event signage and billboards.



Controlled and permission-based creative production

Customise control levels and determine who can manage teams, design creative, write or edit content, and even access your creative assets.



Produce and distribute quality creative faster

Outfit ensures creative consistency through the use of responsive HTML/CSS templates. This means designers can cater for several assets at once, while writers and editors can edit multiple assets with no need for design skills or image editing software.



Increase speed to market

Produce an entire bill of materials in a matter of minutes avoiding design bottlenecks. Allow faculty teams and agencies to render everything in-house. Share links to final artwork with the print supplier, instead of sending huge email attachments.



Enhance existing workflows with seamless integrations

Outfit seamlessly integrates with several popular apps to create efficiencies in your existing systems and processes. Pull in data to automatically and dynamically generate documents on the fly. Push on-brand Outfit documents straight out into the market without any hassle or extra setup.

Who uses Outfit in Universities

Central brand and marketing, faculty marketing teams, studio managers, designers and agencies. 

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